Raiders say hiring goals for stadium construction and operations are the highest in stadium history.

Raiders Say Stadium Construction, Operations Hiring Targets For Minorities and Women Are Highest In Stadium History

By ALAN SNEL   The Raiders want women, minorities, veterans, the LGBTQ community and local small businesses in Nevada involved

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Laborers 872 leader Tommy White says state lawmakers who voted against Raiders stadium $750 million subsidy should not attend Nov. 13 groundbreaking. Photo credit: Daniel Clark/

Raiders Stadium Board Member Says Nevada Lawmakers Who Voted Against Stadium Subsidy Should Not Attend Nov. 13 Groundbreaking

By ALAN SNEL learned more about the Raiders’ mystery stadium groundbreaking for Nov. 13 when VIP guests received

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Tommy White, Local 872 business manager and secretary-treasurer, addresses union members at a Raiders stadium rally at Craig Ranch Regional Park in North Las Vegas Sunday. Photo Credit: Daniel Clark/

Union Construction Workers Celebrate Their Love For Raiders — and the Subsidized Stadium

By ALAN SNEL   From afar, the scene at Craig Ranch Regional Park off a six-lane suburban road appeared to

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