interviews Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz before today's game.

2,500 Golden Knights Fans On New ‘Can’t Wait List’ For Season Tickets in 2018-19



About 2,500 Vegas Golden Knights fans have placed season ticket deposits as part of the team’s “Can’t Wait List” for people who want season ticket deals in 2018-19, team president Kerry Bubolz told before the Golden Knights-Philadelphia Flyers game Sunday.


The Golden Knights have 14,000 season ticket equivalent deals and some of the new 2,500 depositers on the Can’t Wait List will slide into open slots of any of the current 14,000 season ticket equivalents who decide not to renew their season tickets for 2018-19.

Team President Kerry Bubolz said there are 2,500 fans on a season ticket waiting list called the “Can’t Wait List” for 2018-19. Photo credit: Daniel Clark/


In addition, the team will likely expand its season ticket pool to accommodate other depositers on the Can’t Wait List. learned about the 2,500 new people who have placed deposits for season tickets on the Can’t Wait List when we interviewed Bubolz today. Here’s that interview with Bubolz. 


The orange jerseys of the Flyers fans stand out in today’s game. An eyeball look at the arena says about 40 percent of the fans are Philly fans.


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The Flyers fans had a lot to cheer about at T-Mobile Arena. They defeated the first-place Golden Knights, 4-1, and Philly fans rejoiced by chanting E-A-G-L-E-S to further the celebration of winning the Super Bowl from a week ago.


A big crowd of 18,220 packed the arena, way above the seating capacity of 17,367. The Golden Knights are averaging more than 103 percent of capacity, third highest in the NHL behind major hockey markets in Chicago and Minnesota.


Expect thousands of more opposition fans to pile into T-Mobile Arena this week. You will see the red jerseys of the Blackhawks fans Tuesday night, the rowdy Oilers fans on Thursday evening and the Montreal fans Saturday at 4 p.m. Bubolz told that the team will not restrict any opponent fans from purchasing tickets.




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