This is the 18th home at the Wynn Golf Course.

Wynn Golf Course Kept Open For 1 Extra Week For Employees With A Pay-to-Play Catch



We’re saying good-bye to the famed Wynn Golf Course on the Strip, but it did get a one-week reprieve because someone at the noted golf course thought it would be a nice idea to allow the dedicated Wynn employees to have one final go-around with a golf course that was also known as the original Desert Inn Golf Course.


So, before the golf course gets re-developed into the proposed Paradise Park project, the workers would enjoy one final round at the golf course that is located behind the Wynn hotel-casino.


But this being Las Vegas, there’s always a catch to what looked like a nice gesture freebie.


In Vegas, nothing is ever what it seems and the workers who thought they were getting a free round of golf were jolted when they heard that the course would remain open one extra week but it would cost each employee 150 bucks for the privilege of playing a course that’s going to be closed anyway.


Give me a break. What are you going to gain by charging your workers $150 per head to play a golf course scheduled to be closed.


This is a sad ending to a former well-known golf course that was built by Wilbur Clark, who was the guy who built the Desert Inn Hotel.


The Wynn Golf course was once known as the Desert Inn Golf Course.


The course also hosted the first big professional golf tournament, known as the Tournament of Champions,” which attracted big-name golfers as well as major celebrities. Dean Martin was known to play this former golf course.


Even the former director of golf at the old Desert Inn golf course was as well-known as the celebrities who played there.


When the golf course fell into the hands of Wynn, the course was known for being one of the better courses to play on the Strip.


The old golf course was known as the home of Las Vegas’ first professional golf tournament.


Given the high greens fee of $500, the course did not see an overabundance of players.


You would think the Wynn organization would do better than charging its employees $150 to play before the course closes.


Dennis Silvers is a well-known Las Vegas golf talk show host who can be heard every day on his golf podcast called “The Vegas Sandtrap.” Silvers is also the founder of the Game Improvement Summit Series.


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