Vegas Golden Knights season ticket holder Norm Nusbaum does the "3 Questions For A Fan" feature with’s New Feature: ‘3 Questions For A Fan’

Note from founder/writer Alan Snel: LVSportsBiz is debuting a new fun feature called 3 Questions for a Fan.

Too much business writing relies on executives and press releases and LVSportsBiz believes the customer — the sports fan — needs to have her or his voice heard.

So, will pose a hat trick of questions to a fan here in the Vegas market and it will focus on the consumer experience from the fan’s point of view. 

We have the most savvy fans in the world here in Las Vegas, so I hope the teams and sports executives listen. Happy reading and debating.

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Norm Nusbaum knows sports. The Newark, NJ native grew up five blocks from Wrigley Field and moved to Las Vegas 28 years ago after being a Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears season ticket holder. Nusbaum and his wife own a video production company, shooting and producing videos, mostly for corporate or for television clients. They live in the northwest valley. Nusbaum is a bit shy about his age. “I was born while there was still an original 6 NHL teams. So I am over 50.”

Norm Nusbaum


Nusbaum has an 11-game season ticket deal with the Vegas Golden Knights. So, posed three questions on topical issues facing the team and its fans.


Question 1. How concerned are you that Cox cable TV does not have a deal yet with AT&T SportsNet? Do you think a deal will be done right before the season? How concerned are fans about this?
Answer: It will definitely hurt the team if games are not on Cox Cable.  Not sure how having home games on will affect attendance.  I think everyone will want to go to games at least at the start or when certain teams are in town for sure.   I do not have Cox; I have DirecTV.
Question 2. How concerned are you that there are no jerseys to be bought and worn until they arrive in September? Should the jerseys already have been here? Small deal? Big deal? What do you think?
Answer: Bad move not having jerseys available already.  Went to the Armory a couple of weeks ago and while I probably was not going to buy one at the time anyway (jerseys are SO overpriced), ordering one from a kiosk is not what people want to do.  They want to try one one and once they do, they will buy it.  Team is losing money because of that.
Question 3. How concerned are you about parking at games? Dreading the hassle? Already accepted it and will pay for your parking pass?
Answer: I have an MLife card that lets me park at MGM properties for free; I have my strategy for parking at the games and will see how it works out for first couple of games.  I have tickets for 2nd preseason game and first regular season home game.



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